High Quality Yarn to High Quality Fabric…

Yarn is sourced and produced in accordance with international standards – without any compromise on quality.  Our yarns are sourced from reliable suppliers that we have established long term relationships.  All yarns are subject to quality tests and from high quality yarns we manufacture high quality fabrics…


Accurate, fast, objective …

Using the latest equipment, we carry out the tests of our yarns and fabrics in our in-house laboratory facility.


We produce our collections and patterns with the latest technology weaving machines.  Our upholstery and curtain fabrics are woven on dobby and jacquard looms in all repeat sizes and patterns.


We carry out the final processes such as hard-soft-full touches, stain repellency and waterproofing in our finishing department with our Biancalani and stenter machines.


As a pioneer in the field of woven upholstery fabrics, Kacar Textile has become a leading company in the digital field as well.  It has an annual printing capacity of 500.000 meters with the latest technology digital and transfer printing machines.


Faultless and high-quality fabrics…

With its expert staff, all fabrics at Kacar textile undergo quality control tests at every stage of production in accordance with international standards.   Our fabrics are shipped to our customers all over the world after receiving full marks from the QC team.


While our sampling department prepares new collection product catalogs for our fairs and showrooms, Kaçar Textile provides and impeccable to service to its customers by making bulk production of hangers and swatches of their new collections.


Fast, economical, timely delivery…

Following the QC approval, our products are ready to be shipped after being carefully packed.  Our logistics department takes all necessary measures to prevent any damage to the fabrics until they reach the buyer.  Optimal logistic solutions are provided so that our goods reach our customers all over the world by the fastest and most economical way.